About Us

The wetsuit allows us to stay for long periods in the water, protecting us from cold even in extreme climatic conditions.

Its function is simple: it creates a layer of isolating material, neoprene, between us and the water.

The efficiency of the wetsuit is mostly determined by the perfect adhesion of neoprene to our body shape.
That's why at Polosub we firmly believe in made to measure wetsuits.

This principle convinced us in 1994 to create a Rome based firm extremely specialized in the production of made to measure wetsuits for freedivers and spearfishers.
Who more than a freediver needs a perfect outfit capable of prolonging his stay in the water without the use of tanks?
A spearfisher today is capable of spending the whole day in the water, even in the coldest months and places and most of all in comfort thanks to a made to measure wetsuits realized with selected materials and modern technology.

Our second fixation is with the quality of neoprene.

By constantly monitoring the worldwide production of neoprene products we are able to realize our wetsuits with the best possible materials. Furthermore, we often encourage firms to produce special neoprene’s designed by us.
We have followed these two fundamental guidelines, quality of materials and made to measure outfits, with perseverance and in ten years we have become head of the Italian market and world leader in the sector of made to measure wetsuits.
Polosub currently produces about 2800/3200 made to measure wetsuits, 30% of these are retailed in Italy whereas the remaining 70% is distributed in the rest of the world. It is not easy to organize a firm that produces made to measure wetsuits because mass-production is impossible. Wetsuits have to be cut, glued and sewn one by one. One by one production obviously involves certain difficulties but also offers many opportunities. It allows us, for example, to personalize our products.

Each spearfisher has his own special needs and also... certain fixations.

Decisive factors in the choice of a wetsuit model are, whether the spearfisher does shore or boat diving and whether he goes fishing in summer or winter. For the choice of the type of camouflage it is also fundamental to consider the spearfishing technique used: waiting technique, crawl technique, cave fishing or blue water hunting. Furthermore, the average fishing depth influences the choice of neoprene density.
All these variables determine the characteristics of the ideal wetsuit that Polosub will realize for its customers, starting with six base models each of which is realized in various thicknesses, density and colourings. Polosub offers 50 different qualities of neoprene imported from all over the world.

The Smoothskin Open-cell, is our most valued model. It's a technical wetsuit with no compromises.
It is realized in neoprene, completely unlined and it is preferred by freediving and spearfishing competitors.

The neoprene of the Forza Tre model is rendered indestructible due to the presence of an internal layer which allows an external seam that makes it resistant to cuts and tears.
The smooth neoprene on the outside is denser that the open cell internal layer, so guaranteeing strength and comfort.

The Smooth Open-cell and the Forza Tre models can be painted externally. By choosing where colours should be placed, excellent camouflage effects with prevalent tones of red, green, brown and blue can be obtained. These are the "Camouflaged smooth open cell" models.

The Lined Open-cell model is protected externally by a layer of elastic nylon. Resistant to abrasions and sun's rays, it is especially suited to shore divers.

The Combined and New Combined are "hybrid" models which feature some smooth parts with lined patches reinforcing knee, elbow and chest areas.