Double Lined

This suit is protected on the outside, thanks to an external nylon fyber and an internal elasticized tissue fiber, which gives an easier and dry wearing, that doesn't need any lubrificant. It's a highly resistant suit to abrasions and prolonged sunlight exposure damages. This kind of suit is recommended for those who may begin their dive from the shore, or may prefer a particular resistant suit to hard and sharp surfaces; it's also suggested for those who dive with scuba tanks. This Double Lined suit is available in various thicknesses, black and in two shades of camos.
Double Lined Black

Double Lined Black

Thickness Jacket
Extra UE Tax free UE Tax included
3,5 mm 140,10€ 170,92€
5,5 mm 152,24€ 185,73€
7 mm 165,48€ 201,89€
8 mm 171,00€ 208,62€
Thickness Pants
Extra UE Tax free UE Tax included
3,5 mm 95,57€ 116,60€
5,5 mm 103,44€ 126,20€
7 mm 110,20€ 134,44€
8 mm 113,56€ 138,54€
Thickness Suit
Extra UE Tax free UE Tax included
3,5 mm 235,67€ 287,52€
5,5 mm 255,68€ 311,93€
7 mm 275,68€ 336,33€
8 mm 284,56€ 347,16€

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